Vulncon 2024

Heading to CSA/First VulnCon

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As we're preparing to head to @vulncon in a few weeks, I've been reflecting on client insights from recent conversations regarding vulnerability management. Here's the gist:

  1. Traditional vulnerability management and VPT tech has fallen behind, notably in critical infrastructure where service availability often overshadows security needs.
  2. There's a clear call from these sectors for a shift towards more proactive, holistic security measures—relying on emergency patches should be the exception, not the norm.
  3. Both industry and government sectors are eyeing the Federal government, especially CISA, for guidance towards quicker, predictive cybersecurity models.

In light of these discussions, I wrote an open letter on our national cybersecurity strategy's present and future, aiming to foster resilience. It's not a critique of CISA but a call to deepen our security dialogue toward being proactive and thinking about exploitability, not just vulnerability. I am thankful for all the work CISA and @jeneasterly continue to do to help strengthen the security of our nation. I hope this letter will further the conversation for a more proactive security framework.


Rob Bathurst | CTO, Revald Inc.

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