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Top 5 Global Telco Licenses Reveald’s Epiphany Validation Engine

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With over 50,000 employees and operations in 20+ countries, one of the largest telecommunications providers in the world sought a robust cybersecurity solution to enhance its security posture.


The global telco, one of the largest telecomunications providers in the world, provides telecommunications products and services. It provides traditional fixed-line service, Wi-Fi networks, data, hosted services , and IT services. With over 50,000 employees, the company also owns TV networks and has acquired—and runs—several telecommunications, cable TV, Internet, and Wi-Fi network companies is over 20 countries.


The global telco sought a robust cybersecurity solution to enhance its security posture. The company wanted to proactively protect its sensitive data from cyber attacks rather than respond to attacks after they occur.


After evaluating various options, the global telco decided to license Reveald’s Epiphany Validation Engine. They were drawn by its unique features and capabilities.

The global telco was impressed with a number of key aspects:

  • Real attack emulation. The telco was particularly impressed by the Epiphany Validation Engine’s ability to trigger actual controls in real time through attack emulation. The Epiphany Validation Engine is a cloud-based simulation platform that tests the strength of an organization’s cyber controls through simulated cyber attack. The telco recognized the importance of realistic scenarios in cybersecurity and appreciated the distinction between a simulator and an emulator. The live demonstration showcased the effectiveness of the solution in avoiding false positives, a critical factor in enterprise-level cybersecurity.

  • Scalability of assessments. Another crucial point that caught the telco’s attention was the scalability of the Epiphany Validation Engine’s assessments. Beyond testing for malware samples, Reveald demonstrated the capability to use Python scripts for real emulations, showcasing flexibility and versatility in testing scenarios. This adaptability stood out to the telco, adding to the overall appeal of the solution.

  • Consultative approach. Reveald provided consultative solutions tailored to the telco’s specific needs. This approach helped address their unique challenges, showcasing Reveald’s commitment to the telco’s success in implementing effective cybersecurity measures.

  • Positive outcomes. Trust was solidified through the positive outcomes delivered by the Epiphany Validation Engine. The telco recognized the value not only in improving their services but also in enhancing the skills of their incident responders within their organization. The positive results demonstrated the practical impact of the Epiphany Validation Engine on the telco’s cybersecurity objectives.
Use Cases
Identify exploitable vulnerabilities in attack paths to reduce the number of vulnerabilities that need to be patched or resolved

Show how changes in the environment will automatically remove or add new attack paths and provide recommendations.

Cybersecurity Controls Validation
Systematic assessment and testing of security measures and protocols implemented within an organization to ensure their effectiveness in mitigating threats, identifying vulnerabilities, and maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive information, thereby bolstering overall cybersecurity posture.

Compliance Enablement
Implement processes and systems to ensure adherence to regulatory requirements, industry standards, and internal policies, facilitate the efficient management and documentation of compliance activities to mitigate risks and achieve organizational objectives.

Remote Workforce Validation
Verify the security and efficiency of remote access systems, protocols, and employee practices to ensure compliance with company policies and standards, safeguard data integrity and confidentiality while optimizing productivity in remote work environments.

Risk Assessment and Reporting
Systematically analyze potential threats and vulnerabilities, evaluating their likelihood and impact, and communicate findings to stakeholders to facilitate informed decision-making and prioritize risk mitigation efforts within an organization.

Operationalize MITRE ATT&CK
Integrate MITREs framework into cybersecurity operations to enhance threat detection, response, and mitigation strategies, ensuring alignment with industry best practices and improving overall security posture.

Security Investment Optimization
Strategically allocate resources to mitigate risks, protect assets, and enhance resilience against potential threats and vulnerabilities, maximizing the effectiveness of security measures within an organization.

3rd Party Supply Chain Optimization
Streamline and enhance the efficiency of processes and relationships with external suppliers to minimize costs, improve reliability, and maximize overall supply chain performance.

About the Epiphany Validation Engine

At the network architecture level, the Epiphany Validation Engine is installed as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) instance on the cloud. It is given access to an agent within an organization that holds all security controls—the golden image. Highlights of the platform are described below.

  • Callback monitoring and validation. The Epiphany Validation Engine creates custom call-back artifacts that can be a killswitch or malware download. These callbacks are monitored and the platform’s orchestrator validates and determines if the callbacks arrive successfully or not. This functionality allows for the validation of mandatory playbooks that exist in the security orchestrator.

  • Advanced network evasion. The Epiphany Validation Engine can force the evasion of cybersecurity network elements based on sandboxing and hashes, through a shipping and control algorithm based on asymmetric encryption. This forcefully verifies the correct operation of advanced security solutions that validate each artifact that travels through the network even when they possess advanced obfuscation and encryption mechanisms.

  • Execution results. Each package and artifact is aligned to the MITRE framework and the attack life cycle, allowing for greater visibility of the attack sent. It is also possible to validate if the artifact evaded network security, and if its execution was successful at the endpoint.


As a result of the deal inked between Reveald and the global telco, the Epiphany Validation Engine is driving various use cases for the organization, aligning with their security objectives:

  • Security operations center (SOC) fine tuning. The Epiphany Validation Engine facilitates the fine-tuning of SOC policies, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the telco’s security operations.

  • Cybersecurity investments optimization. The Epiphany Validation Engine’s technology is a key element in optimizing the telco’s existing cybersecurity solutions, justifying the investment through tangible and appealing returns on investment (ROI).

  • Incident response (IR) implementation. The Epiphany Validation Engine provides continuous validation of service level agreements (SLAs) for IR, ensuring preparedness and effectiveness during security incidents.

  • Custom threat campaigns for governance, risk and compliance (GRC). The Epiphany Validation Engine’s scripting module enhances the creation and execution of custom threat campaigns. This is crucial for GRC objectives.

  • Cybersecurity playbook validation. The Epiphany Validation Engine validates cybersecurity playbooks across the telco’s five data centers, ensuring consistency and effectiveness in response strategies.


As a result of the deal inked between Reveald and the global telco, the Epiphany Validation Engine is driving various use cases for the organization, aligning with their security objectives:

  • The combination of practical demonstrations, responsive support, consultative solutions, and positive outcomes played a pivotal role in establishing trust with the customer. This trust was instrumental in securing the global telco’s deal with Reveald.

  • The plan is to expand into Reveald’s Epiphany Intelligence Platform to implement a continuous threat exposure management (CTEM) program with a subscription for risk hunting. Reveald is doing continuous training and certifying the telco’s team on attack emulation.

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