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Use Case: Patch Management

Process Verification and Optimization

Reveald’s Epiphany Intelligence Platform assists the business by reducing the time and effort required for urgent patch management related to cyber security material risk.

Chief Information Security Officer
SecOps Manager
Vulnerability Management Team
Desktop Management Team
DevOps Management Team
Server Management Team

Patch management verification and optimization are crucial aspects of cybersecurity risk reduction, ensuring that software vulnerabilities are identified, assessed, and addressed promptly. By effectively managing patches, organizations can significantly reduce their cyberattack risk and protect their valuable assets and sensitive data.

Patch management verification involves validating the successful installation and application of patches across an organization's IT infrastructure. This verification process ensures that patches have been applied correctly and are functioning as intended. Thorough verification is essential to confirm that vulnerabilities have been mitigated and that the organization's security posture has been strengthened.

Patch management optimization focuses on streamlining and improving the patching process to maximize efficiency and minimize disruption to business operations. Optimized patch management involves automating patch deployment, prioritizing critical patches, and testing patches in a controlled environment before widespread deployment. This optimization ensures that patches are applied quickly and effectively without compromising system stability or functionality.

Identify devices with outdated or unpatched operating systems and software

Epiphany identifies devices and systems in attack paths that are exploitable due to outdated or unpatched operating systems and software, prioritizing those patches that have the highest ability to create material business risk, not necessarily those considered the most dangerous.

Additional information from the NIST Cybersecurity framework (CSF):

Epiphany screen showing found vulnerabilities

Epiphany Platform Vulnerability Information

Epiphany screen showing vulnerability details

Epiphany Platform Vulnerability Details

Prioritize and streamline the patch management process

Epiphany provides information to remediate patches, including whether a patch is available and additional information. This information is enriched with:

  • A complete biography and chronology of the issue.
  • The business impact related to the issue.
  • Links to patches and information on how to remediate the issue.

Teams using Epiphany reduce business risk via Epiphany’s prioritized recommendations that focus on vulnerabilities that are most likely to be exploited or create damaging business outcomes. These recommendations include both a clear business prioritization of the problem as well as a complete and exhaustive definition of the problem and how to resolve it.

Additional information from the NIST Cybersecurity framework (CSF):

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