Use Case: Cyber Resilience Strategy

Use Case: Avoid Breaches

and Eliminate Attacks

Design a cyber strategy across IT, IoT, and OT environments to eliminate attacker potential, improve resilience, and avoid breaches.

Chief Information Officer
Chief Information Security Officer

Ensure your resilience strategy is relevant to your business

Add customized business context (departments, system types, etc.) to device information and then group devices to this context.

EIP BIM Configuration

EIP BIM Configuration

Eliminate your top exploitable attack surface

Reveald’s custom reports identify top recommended actions to eliminate the exploitable attack surface threatening your business.

Critical Changes

Critical Changes

Protect high-value applications and systems

Quickly identify attack paths that result in compromise of material assets.

Attack Path to Critical Asset

Attack Path to Critical Asset

Safeguard the organization from breaches

Analyze effectiveness of cyber controls, system maintenance, access privilege management, and system configurations.

Track Material Vulnerabilities

Track Material Vulnerabilities

Reduce risk and ensure you’re getting the most value from your cybersecurity investments

Visualize whether each user is using required software such as antivirus or vulnerability scanners. You can’t address these issues unless you know where you lack coverage.

Manage Configuration Assurance

Manage Configuration Assurance

Enhance overall security posture

View recommendations for server handling to reduce attack surfaces.

Remidation Reccomendations

Remediation Recomendations

A Clear Path to Predictive Cybersecurity

Reveald combines decades of cybersecurity experience with leading technology and techiques, allowing customers to shift to predictive security instead of chasing ghosts.

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