Use Case: Privileged Identity & Access Management

Use Case: Manage Identities

Access, Auditing and Risk Management

PAM is a crucial security practice that helps organizations protect their most critical systems and data from unauthorized access.

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Identity and Access Control Manager
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By managing who has access to privileged accounts and systems, organizations can significantly reduce their risk of cyberattacks.

Cyber criminals typically attempt to gain access to a privileged account during the initial stages of their attack. Once the attacker has a privileged account, they have the ability to access and manipulate any data on the network. If the organization has PAM in place, the attacker will not be able to easily gain access to privileged accounts. This will make it much more difficult for the attacker to compromise the organization's systems and data.

Reduce the time and effort to audit PAM

Epiphany identifies administrator users as well as “effective” administrator users who have access through excess privileges.

Reporting the number of effective administrator users is an important function of the PAM team. This ensures that privileged access is constrained to only those users whose business function require such rights. Epiphany analyzes IAM configurations to arrive at the correct information.

Additional information from the NIST Cybersecurity framework (CSF):

IAM Effective Controls

IAM Effective Controls

Reduce the time and effort to identify and remedy PAM errors that likely will lead to a cybersecurity incident or breach

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Epiphany Identifies specific users who have unnecessary elevated administrator rights.

Companies should have strict control as to who is an administrator and who is not. Epiphany ensures identity managers understand who in their organization has effective administrator rights by virtue of configuration and inheritance and helps them understand and correct any misconfigurations leading to "administration right sprawl."

Additional information from the NIST Cybersecurity framework (CSF):

Effective Administrator List

Effective Administrator List

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