An Exclusive Interview with Simon Hunt: The Past, Present, and Future of Cybersecurity

When you think about cybersecurity legends, Simon is indisputably one of the names that surface. From his humble beginnings in tech support to steering the helm at global conglomerates like McAfee, Intel, and MasterCard, Simon’s journey is a tapestry of innovation, tenacity, and a zeal to keep the digital world safe. We sat down with him to discuss his exciting new role at Reveald, his perspective on the future of cybersecurity, and advice for those keen to make their mark in this dynamic industry.   

Q: Simon, your journey in cybersecurity has been fascinating. Can you trace your path for us and tell us how you found your way to Reveald?   

Simon: Absolutely! My start in the early 90s was almost serendipitous. While working tech support for a computer giant, I was approached by a German encryption firm. This was during the days when discussing data protection meant lugging around a 10lb laptop! Over time, my role evolved and saw me becoming CTO at SafeBoot. Eventually, we scaled to serve 76 countries and were acquired by McAfee. My time at McAfee expanded my horizons even further – from leading the Innovation team to building out their smart home strategy. Despite my cybersecurity trajectory, my foundation as a marine biologist taught me data manipulation. This, coupled with my diverse roles across tech support, product management, and even running a global $250m business line, has offered me a unique lens through which I view cybersecurity challenges.   

Q: You've worked with several of Reveald's leaders in past roles. How does that familiarity influence your decision to join Reveald as Chief Product Officer?  

Simon: It's all about trust. Having known the leadership team throughout my career, I believe we share a deep-rooted mission. Reveald's goal – to make cybersecurity tools and techniques more impactful – resonates with me. In our field, there’s an abundance of data and tools. What's missing is an outcome-focused approach. Reveald's commitment to creating practical risk reduction strategies was a significant draw.   

Q: With such a diverse background, what unique perspectives do you believe you bring to Reveald?  

Simon: I often say my superpower is my journey’s diversity. From wearing multiple hats at startups to understanding the nuances of every role, I’ve gained invaluable empathy. As CPO, I believe it's my job to help engineers craft solutions while ensuring all stakeholders feel included in the journey. I'm hoping to bring the lessons from past collaboration experiences to Reveald, ensuring we remain aligned and focused.  

Q: Given the rapidly evolving cyber threats, how do you plan on influencing Reveald's product development strategy? 

Simon: Small companies, I believe, stand out by frequently delivering practical and valuable solutions. Reveald already has an impressive tech foundation. My aim is to steer us towards delivering increased value by focusing on customer needs, clear objectives, and tighter collaboration with our clients. It's all about understanding their problems and creating solutions that have real-world impacts. 

Q: Speaking of which, Reveald’s AI-driven Epiphany Intelligence Platform has garnered significant attention. Can you shed some light on its significance in today’s cybersecurity landscape? 

Simon: Epiphany challenges the conventional approach. Instead of inundating cybersecurity professionals with countless potential problems, we target the most attractive vulnerabilities that virtual hackers would exploit. In essence, Epiphany cuts through the noise, focusing on high-priority issues that have real-world consequences. By breaking down the attack chain and targeting the root causes, we offer solutions that create measurable risk reductions.   

Q: As cybersecurity continues to evolve, where do you see its future and Reveald’s role in shaping it?   

Simon: Cybersecurity is gradually shifting its focus from mere data generation to actionable insights. Reveald aims to pioneer this shift by blending technological augmentation with human expertise. We hope to lead the industry in not just identifying risks but also in providing actionable remedies. 

Q: With your extensive experience in leadership roles at companies like McAfee, Intel, and MasterCard, how will those experiences influence your tenure at Reveald? 

Simon: My stints at these global giants taught me the delicate balance between agility and process. Customers value reliability, and that's what I aim to bring to Reveald. The challenge is to cultivate an effective structure without succumbing to bureaucracy. 

Q: As a noted inventor, how do you plan to foster innovation at Reveald? 

Simon: Innovation thrives at the intersection of diverse ideas. My exposure across domains like drone tech and smart materials gives me a broader perspective. I'm passionate about ensuring Reveald remains open to cross-domain integrations while ensuring data accessibility to catalyze innovation. 

Q: Lastly, any words of wisdom for budding cybersecurity enthusiasts? 

Simon: Absolutely! It's crucial to network and remain open to diverse learning opportunities. Cybersecurity isn't just about understanding technology but also grasping business implications. Remember, the industry values real-world experience as much as certifications. So, always seek hands-on exposure, stay curious, and don’t hesitate to reach out for advice.  

Embarking on this new chapter with Reveald, Simon exemplifies the spirit of continuous evolution, underscoring the importance of adaptability in the ever-shifting landscape of cybersecurity. As he succinctly puts it, "The journey matters as much as the destination." 

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