Reveald Secures Coveted Global Tech Innovator Title in KPMG Competition

In a resounding testament to its commitment to transformative innovation, Reveald proudly announces its triumphant victory as the US winner of the prestigious KPMG Private Enterprise Global Tech Innovator competition. This remarkable recognition spotlights Reveald's unwavering dedication to revolutionizing cybersecurity and underscores its position as a trailblazer in the industry.

The KPMG Global Tech Innovator competition serves as a global platform to honor visionary pioneers who are reshaping the technological sphere. Reveald's innovative approach to redefining cybersecurity garnered the attention of industry experts, propelling it to the forefront among an esteemed group of US finalists.

Commenting on this remarkable achievement, Rob Bathurst, Chief Technology Officer at Reveald, stated, "Being named the Global Tech Innovator in the US by KPMG isn't just an award; it's a validation of our team's dedication and perseverance to change the way organizations protect themselves. We are immensely proud and deeply honored by this recognition of our approach and success."

At the heart of Reveald's success lies a methodology focused on eliminating critical attack paths and threats, setting an industry benchmark for proactive cybersecurity. This strategic approach aligns seamlessly with KPMG's mission to celebrate and amplify the impact of technology innovators on a global scale.

The recognition serves as a testament to Reveald's unyielding commitment to excellence and innovation. It highlights the company's tireless dedication to shaping a secure digital future through unwavering teamwork, cutting-edge technology, and a visionary outlook.

As Reveald gears up to represent its innovative vision on the international stage in Lisbon this November, the company remains resolute in its mission to drive transformative change within the cybersecurity sector. This recognition isn't just a nod to past achievements—it fuels Reveald's determination to continue pushing the boundaries of cybersecurity and catalyze positive industry shifts.

Reveald's achievement extends beyond individual success; it speaks to the company's role in reshaping the broader technological landscape. With a future-forward mindset and an unrelenting commitment to advancement, Reveald is poised to shape not only the cybersecurity domain but also the future of technology itself.

Stay tuned as Reveald's journey unfolds, paving the way for new horizons of innovation, excellence, and proactive cybersecurity.

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