Reveald Merges with Epiphany Systems to Usher in a New Era of Predictive Security Operations

This powerful union blends reactive and proactive security approaches, addressing large-scale cybersecurity operational challenges and maturing customers' security processes utilizing the Epiphany AI-powered enterprise decision support system.

NEW YORK, June 27, 2023 /PRNewswire

Reveald and Epiphany Systems are pleased to announce the completion of their strategic merger, resulting in a powerhouse cybersecurity entity that will operate under the Reveald brand. Guided by industry leaders Dan Singer, appointed as Chief Executive Officer, and Brett Kelsey, appointed as Chief Operating Officer, the unified company aims to guide organizations along their journey from reactive to predictive defense and ultimately to revolutionize cybersecurity operations.

The merger creates an innovative convergence of technology and expertise, well-equipped to assist security teams in protecting their organizations from ever-evolving cyber threats. Leveraging the AI-powered Epiphany platform, Reveald's solutions integrate predictive AI with human expertise to deliver attack path identification, continuous monitoring, and rapid remediation. This approach minimizes risk, trims operational costs, and boosts operational efficiency through consistent and predictable maturity enhancements.

Reflecting on the merger, Dan Singer, former CEO of Epiphany Systems, commented, "Cyber defenders today face a multitude of challenges, including sophisticated cyber adversaries, complex tools, and a shortage of expertise and staffing. These obstacles often mean that even the most competent security teams are stuck in a cycle of reaction rather than driving a proactive security program. With the Epiphany-Reveald merger, we can address these challenges head-on. The combination of Reveald's market success and seasoned experts, coupled with Epiphany's AI-driven technology platform, will offer unprecedented visibility and prioritization of critical cyber threats across the entire attack surface."

Brett Kelsey, COO of the combined entity, said, "The merger of Reveald and Epiphany gives us the ability to deliver unmatched predictive exposure management. Our combined solutions enhance the effectiveness of the tools and processes that security teams use today, significantly reducing exposure to substantial risk."

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