Reveald Welcomes Simon Hunt as Chief Product Officer

In this strategic role, Hunt will drive product innovation and further enhance Reveald's capabilities in delivering effective cybersecurity solutions to its partners and customers.

Hunt is respected across the cybersecurity industry, sharing his insight and guidance in board and advisory roles for cybersecurity product and education companies. A prolific inventor, he holds a number of patents across diverse cybersecurity domains such as encryption, authentication, networking, and virtualization, as well as smart materials, cellular communications, automotive and drones. As an entrepreneur and technologist, he was a founder of SafeBoot, which was acquired by McAfee for $350 million in 2007, the leader of McAfee's smart home security initiative, the sponsor of McAfee's inventor community, and an Intel/McAfee global CTO. As a business leader Hunt has filled key roles at McAfee, Intel, and MasterCard—where he lead the fraud, standards and cybersecurity risk divisions, enabling the global Mastercard banking ecosystem with quantified cyber risk measurements and delivering innovative new digital and physical security measures for credit cards and transactions to prevent organized criminal fraud, as well as creating Mastercard's graduate cybersecurity recruitment program.

"Joining Reveald is a natural continuation of my personal mission to make cybersecurity more accessible and to help companies of all sizes defend themselves effectively from cybercriminals," commented Simon Hunt on his new role. "I look forward to bringing effective risk prioritization powered by meaningful AI-assisted intelligence to the many Reveald partners and customers."

Hunt's extensive knowledge of the industry and focus on risk prioritization will play a vital role in further enhancing Reveald's offerings. He recognizes the challenges faced by cybersecurity professionals in dealing with overwhelming amounts of information and the need for effective prioritization.

The appointment of Hunt as Chief Product Officer will further strengthen Reveald as a leader in the cybersecurity industry and enable the company to provide innovative solutions that address the evolving cyber threat landscape.

"We are thrilled to welcome Simon Hunt to the Reveald team as Chief Product Officer. His deep understanding of the industry, combined with his commitment to proactive defense and effective risk reduction, aligns perfectly with our mission. We look forward to his contributions as we continue to empower our customers to achieve a robust cybersecurity posture," said Dan Singer, CEO of Reveald.

Simon Hunt's appointment is effective immediately, and he will be instrumental in shaping Reveald's product roadmap and driving the company's vision of delivering cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions.

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