Support Levels

Contribution: The % calculation of support to the licensing value.
Support Portal: A dedicated, intuitive online hub where you can access comprehensive resources, including FAQs, guides, tutorials, and forums for quick self-service support.
Localization Engineer Support: Expert engineers equipped to provide localization support, enabling seamless adaptation of the product to your specific locale or market.
24/7/365 Chat Support: Immediate support through live chat anytime, any day, all year round, ensuring your queries or issues are addressed promptly.
P1 Only
Phone Support: Direct phone lines available during US hours for immediate voice support.
Extended US or regional hours
Support Case Prioritization (P1): Prioritization of high severity (P1) cases to ensure urgent issues are addressed first, we will respond with 4 hours.
Incident Management (P1): Comprehensive management of high severity (P1) incidents to resolve them swiftly and efficiently.
Technical Account Manager (TAM): An assigned TAM who understands your unique requirements and coordinates all your support needs.
Shared resource
Dedicated named individual
P1-P2 Ticket Management: Complete management of all high (P1) and medium (P2) priority tickets.
Monthly Cadence Calls: Regular scheduled calls to discuss and review the product's performance, issues, and updates.
Prioritized Product Feature Requests per Year: Opportunity to request product feature enhancements or additions per year.
best efforts only
3 Requests
10 Requests
Dedicated Engineering Support: Access to our expert engineering team for complex technical issues or custom requirements.
L3 Risk Hunting Support: Proactive identification and mitigation strategies of material risks identified by the platform.
12 Requests yearly
Dedicated named individual
Localization: Localized support, ensuring your support experience is tailored to your specific geographical and cultural context.
System Health Checks: Regular system performance and stability checks to preempt and address potential issues.
Quarterly Exec Engagement: Regular meetings with our executive team to discuss strategic initiatives, roadmaps, and feedback.
On-site (2x annually)
Customer Advisory Board (CAB): Invitation to join our customer advisory board meetings twice a year for strategic discussions and roadmap previews.
Guided Product Workshops: Expert-led workshops to enhance your team’s understanding and usage of the product.
Deployment Support: Comprehensive support during the client and site deployment stages to ensure a smooth and successful launch.
On-site (2x annually)
Onboarding Support: Thorough assistance throughout the onboarding process, covering data source setup, portal configuration, and kickoff.
On-site (2x annually)
Client Success Planning: Semi-annual planning sessions to align product usage with your business objectives and maximize success.
Strategic Initiative Alignment: Continuous collaboration to ensure our product aligns with and supports your strategic initiatives.
Release Preview: Early access to preview new product releases before they're publicly available.
EA Release Lab Access: Exclusive access to our EA Release Lab for testing and feedback.
DEMO Lab Access: Access to the Epiphany platform demo lab for client demonstrations.